The Alliance is a leading non-partisan voice in advocacy on behalf of the creative sector. 

We work towards the development of sustainable and comprehensive funding and other policies to support a civil society.

In addition to providing the resources below to assist you to become an arts advocate, we monitor public policy, synthesize issues for our members, and represent the interests of artists and cultural workers.


The Alliance's Federal Election Toolkit is a non-partisan resource for getting the vote out, engaging your candidates, and being informed about the arts and culture in Canada in preparation for October 19.

The Toolkit contains information about voter preparedness, how to stay informed, ways to get the vote out in your community, engaging your candidates, and quick facts about the arts and culture in Canada. Our hope is that by giving you these tools, you will be able to help us advocate for a better future by discussing with your candidates and by increasing voter participation in your community.

Take a look at our Federal Election Toolkit here.

BC Creative Convergence

At the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture's Arts Summit 2013 the cultural community of British Columbia began a conversation about the need for a BC Cultural Policy Framework.

This discussion, led by the Alliance, launched a province-wide engagement process, BC Creative Convergence, with the goal of developing such a framework. The conversation continued in early 2015 through a series of Community Cultural Roundtables conducted across British Columbia in collaboration with Arts BC, and with the support of the Province of British Columbia, culminating on June 18 and 19 at the Arts Summit 2015. A report on the outcomes of BC Creative Convergence thus far was presented at the Summit for further discussion, including a draft Cultural Policy Framework document.

A cultural policy framework for British Columbia would help to steer the government’s overall priorities and direction, linking plans relating to culture across all ministries, providing a consistent approach to the support of arts and culture, and providing mutual points of reference for all stakeholders. It would serve as a catalyst and a guide for a conversation between the cultural community and government as the latter develops, adopts, and implements policy.

For more information on BC Creative Convergence, including background information and reference materials, visit or find further details on our website here.