Call for Models, actors and performers!!


Star Pro Agency



Call for Artists Description: 

We are a young dynamic modelling agency located in downtown Vancouver, committed to promoting prestigious talents and exciting NEW faces to the fashion industry. We understand the value of multi-talents so we are looking for actors, actresses, performers and such artists, in general, who CRAVE for a stage to shine! 

As artists, we know that there is a fire burning inside, there is a voice that wants to come out so badly that led us to try a road that is less traveled. 

But, you are not alone.

We love arts, we love beauty and we love the wonders that make our world truly shines like a bright star! That is why Star Pro Agency has created a business model where we can all share our passion and work together to be the stars in our lives.

You can expect opportunities in
Fashion photography
Fashion Show
Music video
Voice over
Comedy shows
Printing services
Festival events
Live events

If you want to take a chance in life like we do, please fill in the application via

We would love to hear back from you soon.

How to Apply: 

1) Fill in the application online

2)Send your resume and 2 headshots to



Contact Name: Sam Sadr
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (604) 319-7676

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