City of New Westminster Poet Laureate Call for Submissions


City of New Westminster


Oct. 15, 2016

Call for Artists Description: 

New Westminster’s Poet Laureate will act as a literary ambassador for the City of New Westminster and the people of New Westminster; advocating for literacy and the literary arts and helping to raise the status of poetry, language and the arts in the everyday consciousness of New Westminster Residents. The Poet Laureate should have the opportunity to make the position their own but the expectation is they work with City staff in developing meaningful engagement opportunities that enrich the lives of residents and visitors to the City.

The successful applicant will:
• present high quality, imaginative and insightful work appropriate to the following public functions by reading or reciting their own work or that of others:
o New Westminster’s annual May Day Banquet
o Remembrance Day
o Proclamation of World Poetry Day (March) or National Poetry month (April)
• Engage with the people of New Westminster through poetry initiatives that inspire the reading, writing and appreciation of poetry in the City.
• Work on a legacy project and/or complete one of their own for the people of New Westminster. This project, developed in consultation with City staff, shall enrich the daily lives of residents and visitors to the City.
• Be a literary ambassador for the City and advocate for literary arts in the community

Applicants for the City of New Westminster Poet Laureate must fulfil the following requirements:
• Reside in the Lower Mainland (preference given to New Westminster residents or applicants who show a strong connection to the City through work and projects). The candidate must demonstrate a history of activity in the literary arts community, i.e. readings, publications, public presentations and/or teaching.
• Be a print poet, spoken word poet, or multimedia poet who is actively involved in the literary community;
• Demonstrate a record of publications:
o Print or multimedia poets must have a compelling portfolio of published work (none that are self-published or by a vanity press)
o Spoken-word poets must demonstrate a history of poetic excellence through participation in recognized performances, competitions or public events.
• The Poet Laureate term is three years. 

• The Poet Laureate will be provided an honorarium in the amount of $2500 per year.
• A section of the City’s website will display the Poet Laureate’s work.

How to Apply: 

Please submit a letter of interest describing proposed activities, a CV and a portfolio of relevant work to:

Biliana Velkova, Arts Coordinator 
or mail to Biliana Velkova, Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3M 1B6

*Please note that the maximum file size accepted by City of New Westminster email is 8MB. If your PDF file is larger, please email a link via WeTransfer or Dropbox

Deadline: Friday, October 15, 2016

Please note: City of New Westminster staff, members of the City of New Westminster Arts Commission and jury panel members are not eligible to apply.

Contact Name: Biliana Velkova
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (604) 515-3822

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