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University of Oregon 


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My name is Charissa Hurt, I'm from Surrey, BC and I'm currently a graduate student in the Arts and Administration program at the University of Oregon. For my terminal research project, I am exploring “what opportunities are there for the theatre communities in Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA to collaborate to increase cultural vitality in the transborder Pacific Northwest?” As part of the project, I am conducting a survey about each of the individual theatre communities.

If you are a theatre artist or administrator currently working in Vancouver, BC or Seattle, WA (or have worked in either city in the past year) please consider taking this short survey! If you have any questions about the study, please contact me at churt@uoregon.edu.

Here is the link to the survey: 

Thank you very much! 
Charissa Hurt
Master’s Candidate, Performing Arts Management
Arts and Administration Program
University of Oregon

Contact Name: Charissa Hurt
Contact Email: churt@uoregon.edu
Contact Phone: (541) 954-5747

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