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Oct. 21, 2016

Organization Description:

Decorative Arts Company.


Job Description:

OVERVIEW: The Artist contributes to a positive creative work environment at Gorman Studios Inc. They work with their Project Team and are accountable for their work; provide technical knowledge and deliver projects of the highest quality, within allocated timelines and budgets. This position is for a contract Artist and based on a project by project basis. Flexibility in your schedule is an asset to this position.



A) Design & Planning:
a. Participates on the development of a materials list, and ensure all materials are in the studio in time for production.
b. Works with the Project Lead to make any mock-ups necessary and full-scale layouts
c. Works with the Project Lead to create a sequenced plan and submit the plan for approval to the Creative Director prior to start of project.

B) Day-to-Day Production:
a. Works within the designated physical space in studio and maintains a tidiness throughout the production timeframe of the project
b. Be accountable for the maintenance/tidiness of the workspace is maintained throughout the project and in consideration to others working in the studio.
c. Contributes to a safe and open team environment
i. Ability to communicate any issues with the Project Lead
ii. Escalate any issues to the Project Lead for resolution

d. Contributes any updates to the Production File and Job Bin in the shared files
e. Communicate with the Project Lead should any project delays or changes occur during production.
f. Track all hours in Harvest. Make sure they are listed under the correct project and task and are detailed with notes as required.
g. While work is in progress ensure all Research & Development work is documented and reported to the Production Manager.

C) Quality Control Measures:
a. Works in a clean, safe, efficient and controlled environment for the duration of said project
b. Sample and ensure that all process and materials work well within the application methods
c. Approved designs and samples are to be on hand and constantly referred back to as reference
d. Any discrepancies are to be reviewed with the Creative Director and General Manager
e. Follows instructions regarding scheduling, processes, application methods, materials, tools and studio conduct.
f. Other duties as assigned

D) Project Closesure:
a. Assists where required to ensure that work is photographed, documented, labeled and filed appropriately
b. Ensure that the studio has been cleaned up and materials put away – including disposal of any materials
c. Assist Project Lead to prepare materials for shipping:
i. Cleaning front of glass
ii. Label all pieces for installation
iii. Create road maps

E) Occupational Safety Measures:
a. Must wear proper and functional safety equipment such as steel toe boots, gloves, safety goggles and respirators
b. Contribute to a work in a clean, safe, efficient and controlled environment for the duration of the project
c. Ensure you are using proper tools and equipment to conduct studio tasks ex. Respirators


F) Leadership & Accountability:
a. Inform project lead of your availability
b. Ability to guide Training members
c. Ability to work efficiently with other members of the team and Project Lead
d. Ability to adapt to different techniques and creative situations
e. Communicate with others clearly – follow directions, problem solving and provide/receive feedback
f. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
g. General straight painting skills would be an asset (preparation, rolling & cutting)

How to Apply:

Please email your cover letter & resume to Job posting ends Friday, Oct. 21. Applicants considered for the position will be contacted by Tuesday, Oct. 25.


based on experience

Contact Name: Aimee Illescas
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 604-251-6000

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