Manager, Theatre Production


University of British Columbia Department of Theatre and Film


Jun. 27, 2017


Job Description: 

The Theatre Production Manager is responsible for managing the operations, planning and execution of Departmental theatre productions. This position is part of a collaborative creative environment that must take into account budgetary restrictions, production timelines and student learning outcomes. This person will also oversee the running of our rental facilities business for internal and external clients. The external rental business is a vital source of funding for our department.


Production Functions

  • Manages all Departmental Theatre Productions and operations in a manner that prioritizes the department's prescribed student learning outcomes. 
  • Work with faculty to plan and supervise the execution of all aspects of theatre production activity including but not limited to budgeting, scheduling, deadline establishment and adherence, builds, and rehearsals.  
  • Work with research stream Faculty to identify, plan and implement research projects/opportunities within and around lab (theatre) spaces. Manage and plan student integration within faculty research projects. 
  • Develop and revise Production Calendar annually, and in advance, for each academic year well. 
  • From the above Production Calendar, develop a production-staffing plan for each production taking into consideration student roles/responsibilities, and each show's technical requirements 
  • Work with faculty to schedule and manage student practicum work on theatre productions 
  • Ensure that the productions meet any applicable legal or code requirements (i.e. audience safety, occupancy loads, copyright) 
  • Plan and forecasting of Departmental Theatre Production budget. 
  • Heads the budgeting phase (on a Committee approved budget) of each production to distill the creative team's artistic vision to fit within that production's available labour and money resources. 
  • Monitors, manages and adjusts budgeting process throughout production phase. 
  • Ensure correlation between classroom, production and research schedules for theatres, shops, and rehearsal rooms, identifying schedule conflicts, and assisting in their timely resolution 
  • Collect and present student participation feedback to faculty. 
  • Oversee unusual special effects or unique theatrical activities, ensuring they meet safety and other regulations, and obtaining necessary permits and clearances as required. 
  • Liaise with renters and other guest users of facilities, implementing University and departmental policies regarding facilities use by groups and functions not ordinarily part of departmental activities. 
  • Negotiate rental fees, supply contracts and vendor services. 
  • Issue rental and loan agreements and contracts in consultation with Administrator, Program Chair / Head, and University Legal Services as appropriate 
  • Identify new revenue streams for department spaces, specialized equipment and production skills. Market and promote these opportunities to relevant internal and external clients. 
  • Liaise with staff, faculty, and students regarding projects in the Film Production area of the Department, and assist with planning for and supervision of these productions when appropriate. 

Facility Management Functions

  • Manage facilities in a manner that prioritizes the students' learning outcomes. 
  • Ensure a safe working environment in Theatres, shops, and rehearsal areas: serve as chair or co-chair of Safety committee 
  • Provide or ensure safety training for faculty, staff and students and implement appropriate safety and disposal procedures according to the relevant regulations. 
  • Ensure that theatre program tools, shop, and production equipment are in good working order, and maintain recommended replacement / renewal schedule. 
  • Orders and maintains inventory of all related supplies, materials and equipment. 
  • Oversee building maintenance of facilities, and liaise with University and other contractors for regular and emergency maintenance and repairs 
  • Advise University and other planners and consultants regarding building renewal and construction; maintain documentation of facilities, building plans, and functional analyses for reference 
  • Ensure the Theatre and shop buildings and equipment are appropriately secure. 
  • Provide appropriate access to production areas. 
  • Maintain accurate plans and technical drawings of facilities and provide as needed for production and classroom purposes 

Planning and Policy Functions

  • Manages all Departmental Theatre Productions and operations in a manner that prioritizes the department's prescribed student learning outcomes. 
  • Develops policies in a manner that prioritizes the students' learning outcomes. 
  • Work with faculty to develop general production policies according to normal standards of professional and academic practice for all Theatre Program production activities. Circulate as needed. 
  • Advise the department regarding policies and procedures relative to CUPE production staff: conditions of work, hours of work and overtime, CUPE policies and regulations, functions and job descriptions, and teaching or supervisory activities 
  • Manage, hire, train, develop, discipline, and terminate staff. 
  • Manage records and logs of materials, labor expenses, and time expenditures for all Theatre Program production activities, and publish yearly summary reports of this information for educational and planning purposes 
  • Advise and make recommendations regarding equipment and facilities expenditure, both for regular maintenance and replacement / renewal. Provide costing and lead times as needed


  • Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Minimum of three years experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience. Minimum of four years experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience. 
  • Extensive experience in costing both large and small theatrical productions. 
  • Fabrication experience. 
  • The Ability to source information independently. 
  • Experience in Occupational Health Safety. 
  • Experience in a learning environment preferred.

How to Apply: 

Apply online at 
Job !D: 26738


$54,941.00 (minimum) - $65,954.00 (midpoint) - $79,144.00 (maximum)

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