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Interviews will take place on a rolling basis during 2016.

Organization Description: 

ArtStarts in Schools is a not-for-profit organization that promotes art and creativity among British Columbia's young people. Since 1996, ArtStarts has supported educators, artists, parents and students by offering a broad range of programs, services and resources. Learn more at

Organization Website:

Volunteer Opportunity Description: 

ArtStarts is committed to ensuring our Board reflects the communities we serve. Our recruitment processes strive to ensure a diversity of backgrounds and experiences are represented, including ethnicity, gender, age, geography and cultural background.

ArtStarts provides innovative arts programs for young people, practical resources for teachers and artists, and leadership in advocacy for arts in education. ArtStarts Board Members look at their responsibility through three lenses: Strategic (setting priorities and monitoring performance), Generative (big picture questions and big picture thinking) and Fiduciary (stewardship of assets and accountability). 

The ArtStarts Board operates as a governing body and concentrates on developing and monitoring goals and policies; focusing primarily on external factors and the future rather than internal operations and the past. We regularly assess our performance and effectiveness as a board and have an active board development plan. This approach ultimately supports ArtStarts to successfully deliver its mandate of promoting art and creativity among British Columbia's young people.


ArtStarts is committed to providing all members of the Board with an appropriate orientation to the Society and their role as Directors, to ensure all Board Members are familiar with and equipped to effectively carry out their responsibilities.


- Commit to the mission and vision of ArtStarts
- Contribute in the areas of board governance, strategic planning, the not-for-profit sector, finance, program development, resource development (human and capital)
- Attend monthly board meetings
- Serve on a committee
- Support special events as required
- Act as an ambassador of ArtStarts to external stakeholders


Board meetings typically take place from 5:30pm to 7:00pm on the second Thursday of each month. Directors can attend in person or join by conference call. Three times per year the Board meets in person (on a Friday night and Saturday from 9am to 3pm): typically in February, May and October. ArtStarts pays travel expenses for out-of-town members to attend these meetings.

Board members are also expected to serve on a committee, which involves attending approximately 4 to 8 meetings per year and working on deliverables between meetings.

Approximate time commitment is 5 to 10 hours per month.


Volunteers who contribute their time and knowledge as ArtStarts Board Members benefit from: 

- Opportunity to influence the future growth and success of ArtStarts;
- Opportunity to develop personal leadership through committees and/or projects of the Board;
- Networking opportunities in the arts and education sectors; 
- Professional growth opportunities through guest speakers and workshops; 
- Forging meaningful relationships with fellow volunteers, staff and community; 
- Building strategic and visionary thinking skills;
- Opportunities to spark individual creativity.


We are currently seeking to fill two openings on our Board of Directors. The ideal candidate(s) will have previous Board or Committee experience, and bring professional experience in one of the following areas: 

- Legal (not-for-profit, or any other relevant practice area)
- Art (full-time, practicing professional artist from any discipline)
- Government relations (provincial, esp. in relation to the arts & education)

Previous involvement in arts programming or advocacy would be considered an asset. The candidate(s) must reside in British Columbia and we would particularly welcome applications from those based outside of the Lower Mainland. 

Required attributes of ArtStarts board members include: 

- Clear understanding of, and experience with, non-profit governance
- Strategic thinking and ability to contribute to the strategic plan
- Visionary: able to see the organization in broad terms
- Ability to work as part of a team and communicate effectively
- Interest in promoting art and creativity in young people

How to Apply: 

Please apply with a cover letter and resume to: ArtStarts Governance Committee, at

Cover letter to answer the following two questions:
1) What do you hope to gain from being an ArtStarts Board Member?
2) What do you hope to contribute as an ArtStarts Board Member?

Interviews will take place on a rolling basis during 2016.


Contact Name: ArtStarts Governance Committee
Contact Email Address:
Contact Phone: (604) 336-0626

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