On September 24, 2017, the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture invites all artists and cultural workers to join us and take part in the Walk for Reconciliation in Vancouver. The Walk takes place from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., and runs from the intersection of Cambie and Georgia Streets to the intersection of Pender and Carrall Streets. The Alliance has formed a team, Arts & Culture for Reconciliation, which we invite you to join today.

Why we walk

With the nation focusing on Canada 150 celebrations, it's important to recognize that the history of this land far predates Confederation. Resources like Unsettling Canada 150 remind us of the long and unjust histories of Indigenous peoples in BC and across the country. We believe that a sincere commitment to the process of reconciliation is an important step toward healing, and arts and culture play an integral role in this process.

We encourage you, the artists and cultural workers of BC, to join the Alliance and walk to demonstrate your personal commitment to the reconciliation process. This is an opportunity for arts and culture organizations to form deeper, more authentic and meaningful connections with the Indigenous community. Let's walk in solidarity to build an honest and open relationship between the arts, culture and heritage sector, and Indigenous people living in BC. Together we can create a stronger community, one that respects and supports all people.


Click this link to join the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture's team, Arts & Culture for Reconciliation. You'll find two buttons at the top of the page: "Join the Team" and "Donate Now."

If you click "Join the Team," you'll be asked to register a user profile. Along the way, you'll be asked if you'd like to donate to the Walk, set a personal fundraising goal, and invite others via email and social media to either support you or join the Walk for Reconciliation themselves. These are all optional. If you would just like to join the team, you need only complete the compulsory fields with the red asterisks.

If you click "Donate Now," you'll be brought to a field that asks you for your credit card information to facilitate the donation. There is also an option for your employer to match your donation. For donations of $25 and more, a tax receipt will be issued within the first week of the following month. Donations go to Reconciliation Canada. The Alliance has set a team fundraising goal of $1,000, so we ask that you consider donating to this worthy cause.


In the weeks leading up to the Walk for Reconciliation, the Alliance will host a pair of free lunchtime events on the subject of reconciliation, to take place September 12 and 19. These events are a chance to hear firsthand the stories of those affected by the residential school system to better understand the need for reconciliation. Mark your calendars, and stay tuned for more information.