Executive Director & Board Succession Planning


Executive Director & Board Succession Planning

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When: Tuesday, May 21, 2019 | 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.
Where: BC Alliance for Arts + Culture, 100-938 Howe St., Vancouver
Cost: $45 BC Alliance members | $85 non-members | $30 livestream

A strong organization is built on the foundation of a strong board. This workshop is designed for board members and will cover both executive director (ED) and board succession planning.

The first part of the workshop will guide participants through the thinking and process of ED succession planning. How should your board think about succession planning for the ED? How does your board prepare for ED succession planning? Who needs to be involved in ED succession planning? How does your board align documents, such as job descriptions, with the future needs of the organization? What barriers or challenges exist in securing a future ED through succession planning? How can you best plan for it? What compensation considerations are related to budgeting and succession planning? What worries do you have about succession planning within your organization?

A strong board also has a plan and a vision for recruiting and retaining future board members. The second part of the workshop will offer guidance and present the best practices for the planning of board succession. How do you present your board to potential board candidates? Are you a grassroots board? A policy board? How do you succinctly describe your organization and your board culture? What competencies are required on your board? How do you evaluate the competencies needed on the board? How do you use board role descriptions and individual development plans to help with succession planning?

About the Facilitators

Realize Strategies is a cooperatively owned consulting and management services firm based in downtown Vancouver. For nearly 20 years, we have provided consulting and management services to non-profit, co-operative, and social-impact organizations. Our singular focus is on helping non-profits, co-ops, and social-impact businesses thrive and grow.

Alison Marshall, MBA, brings more than twenty years of experience working in the non-profit sector to her work for Realize, where she has been a Principal Consultant since 2006. Her past work experience combined with her BA in Psychology and MBA have equipped her with a nuanced understanding of how to navigate challenges and access resources for non-profits. Alison’s intelligence coupled with an empathic approach lend themselves to her talent for sourcing the right leadership, assessing organizational processes, and creating stability in all the organizations and businesses she works with. In addition to her work for Realize, Alison has been volunteering her support at the Palliative Care Program at Lions Gate Hospital for the past seven years.

Gillian Harper, MA, has worked in Human Resources in both for-profit and non-profit organizations and holds a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Psychology with a specialization in the relationship between organizational culture and employee engagement. She is passionate about enhancing employee experience, helping organizations understand their core values, and creating a more strategic HR functionality. She has volunteered with the Dugout Drop-in Centre in the Downtown Eastside since moving to Vancouver in 2013 and has been a board member with them for the past several years focusing on recruitment and policy development. She has also volunteered as a facilitator for other non-profits to help with team-building and organizational development.