Preventing Bullying and Harassment


Preventing Bullying and Harassment

from 25.00

WHEN: Wednesday, April 11, 2018; 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
WHERE: 100-938 Howe St., Vancouver
COST: $45.00 BC Alliance members | $85.00 non-members | $25.00 livestream

Is your organization prepared to handle situations relating to bullying and harassment in the workplace? Do you know what you are required to do to meet legislation? This session is designed to help directors, managers and human resource supervisors to: understand their roles and responsibilities around harassment and bullying; clarify their organization’s HR accountabilities and legal obligations; and gain a level of comfort and confidence that will allow them to effectively manage these issues.

You'll also learn how you can use insurance to protect the individuals who work for your organization including your directors, officers, employees and other volunteers. Discuss how your risks extend beyond your employees, where the risks are and why not all insurance policies are the same. Identify the key features to consider in your insurance, the claims process and how be sure you are equipped to manage the complexities and financial implications and liabilities of workplace harassment and bullying. 

The session will be a combination of instruction and facilitated discussion so you can bring any questions or issues that may be concerning you relating to harassment and bullying.


Greg Miller is the president of Crowflight Consulting. He holds a Master’s of Applied Behavioural Science in Organizational Development and an Executive Coaching Certificate. Greg was the principal consultant for employee development for the HR branch of Agriculture Canada for over 20 years. Crowflight Consulting has been providing HR services and training to small business and non-profits in BC since 2014.

Steve Beatty is an executive vice president with Front Row Insurance Brokers. Steve specializes in providing insurance and risk management services to arts & cultural organizations and societies. In his practice Steve helps his clients manage the day-to-day risks associated with workplace and employment matters. Steve has 30 years of experience of insurance industry experience and has been on the boards of a number performing arts organizations.