Expression of Interest for two artists to design vehicle wraps


City of Port Moody


Mar. 21, 2018

Call for Artists Description: 

In 2009, Port Moody moved to an automated collection system where standardized garbage, recycling, and yard waste carts are emptied using a mechanical arm on a truck.

As part of a regional initiative, Port Moody is reducing the amount of garbage it sends to the landfills. 

The City’s three cart system means that residents will have more space to recycle and compost.
In connection with these initiatives, Port Moody’s first four automated waste collection vehicles began curbside collection in 2009. By 2015 all of the City’s automated waste collection vehicles were decorated with artist-designed vinyl wraps. Four of those collection vehicles have since been replaced with new vehicles, which the city would like to decorate with artistic vinyl wraps. 

This Expression of Interest is seeking two artists or artist teams, to each design one of the two vinyl wraps.

The opportunity is limited to the tank area of the automated waste collection vehicle. The tank area measures approximately 154 inches long by 78 ¾ inches high on each side of the truck. Final measurements will be provided to the chosen artists, or artist teams. The opportunity is limited to a maximum of one design per tank, per vehicle.

The artwork should reflect the message of waste reduction: reduce, reuse, recycle. The design message should be easily interpreted and may also reflect the concepts of conservation, sustainability and a healthy environment.

The artist or artist team will be expected to work with the printing company to produce a design that can be reproduced digitally.

A design budget of $1,200.00 is designated for each of the two vinyl wrap designs in this project. The artist’s, or artist team’s, design budget must be inclusive of all project costs including but not limited to artist fees, studio overhead, materials and supplies, presentation expenses, transportation, taxes and contingency. 

The City will pay for printing and installing the vinyl wraps. The artists, or artist teams, are not expected to pay for these expenses from the artwork budget.

How to Apply: 

VII. Submission of Credentials

Artists interested in this project must submit the following:

a. Letter of Interest: no more than one page in length that explains the artist’s particular interest in this project.
b. Current Resume or CV: including a portfolio of up to ten digital photographs of the artist’s work. Each photograph must be numbered. If submitting as a team, an individual resume should be submitted for each team member. Artists applying as a team may submit up to twenty digital photographs of their work.
c. Numbered Photograph List: with the artist’s name and a brief description of each piece stating its title, date, medium, size, location and, if a commissioned project, the commission contract cost.
d. References: please list three professional references that have an intimate knowledge of your work and working methods. Include complete address and telephone number for all references.

Submittal materials should be submitted by email in one (1) PDF format file, or one (1) Microsoft Word format file, of no more than 16 pages and no more than 5MB. Submissions must be received by 4pmon March 21, 2018.

Contact Name: Kristin Tracey
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (604) 469-4605


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