Calling All Artists: Capital Project Donor Recognition


Camp Solomon Schechter


Apr. 30, 2018

Call for Artists Description:

Camp Solomon Schechter invites professional artists or artist teams to submit their qualifications for consideration to design, fabricate, and install donor recognition artwork at our facility in Tumwater, WA.

Schechter ( has a 60-year tradition of fun, friendship, and Jewish education in the Pacific Northwest. We create a unique, welcoming, and spiritual Jewish environment, offering an innovative experience for youth of all denominations entering 2nd - 12th grades. We are located an hour south of Seattle, Washington, and two hours north of Portland, Oregon, nestled in the shadow of Mt. Rainier in Tumwater, Washington. Our spectacular 180-acre wooded facility features breathtaking views of our private lake, where campers can swim and paddle boat. Hiking in the untouched beauty of our own forests and protected wetlands augment our exciting outdoor program.

For this project, Schechter will commission an artist or artist team to design, fabricate, and install:

  • An outdoor donor “wall,” i.e., a display in a conspicuous location at camp that lists the names of the people, foundations, and companies that contributed to our recent capital building project; and
  • Naming opportunity “plaques,” i.e., individualized displays honoring people, foundations, and companies that committed funds to the capital building project in exchange for having their name associated with a building, room, driveway, or the like at the camp.

For this call, the terms “wall” and “plaques” are being used loosely and, even though we initially envisioned this project to be metalwork, we encourage artists using other media (or cross-media) to apply and let us know how your medium/media fit this project – examples include resin, hard plastics, epoxy, concrete, plaster, or stone.

Since our facility is primarily a summer camp and outdoor-focused, a traditional wall is less appealing to us. We would like the artist or artist team to work with our project committee to find a creative way to recognize the donors to our capital campaign that embodies Schechter and Jewish summer camping. For example, one idea that has been discussed is a donor fence where metal bands, with the donors names etched or cut into the bands, are woven around metal fence posts.  It could be finished off with canoe-shaped flower boxes on top to tie it into the camp logo and the numerous canoes that are seen throughout camp. This, of course, is only one idea, and we look forward to the creative process to find the right concept that fits the camp.

The naming opportunity “plaques” should coordinate with the donor “wall” and will include named buildings, rooms, mezuzahs, driveways, walking paths, and even a tree and a fishing hole.

The budget for design, fabrication, and installation, inclusive of all artist fees, travel, materials, etc. is $25,000. (Room and board will be provided separate from this budget while the artist or artist team is working at camp.) Art should require limited maintenance and withstand the area’s climate. Artists should also consider the high amount of activity at camp, not only during the summer but also in the “off-season.”

How to Apply:

To apply, submit the following materials to
•    A succinct letter of interest, indicating your vision and approach for the project
•    A professional resume or CV with qualifications
•    Three professional references with current contact information
•    Visual support materials of previous work; 10 images max
•    Annotated image list to accompany any submitted images

All submissions must be received by the end of the day on Monday, 4/30/2018. Interviews with selected candidates will take place in early- to mid-May with selection of artist or artist team to occur by the end of the month. The design, fabrication and installation of the artwork will take place during the summer of 2018.

Jewish artists are strongly encouraged to apply.

Questions? Contact Jef Nobbe at or 206-693-3039.


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