ACTOR: I Am Not a Girl


Mother Hubbard's Cupboard Productions Society


Apr. 6, 2018

Call for Artists Description:

From June 19-26 2018 MHC Productions is staging I Am Not a Girl at the Cultch Lab in Vancouver.

The show is about the life arc of a transgender male who as a female  struggled with her life and gender identity. She explored lesbianism for years but was incrementally  tormented and finally concluded that she wanted to become a man. The transition involved testosterone treatments, removal of her uterus, double mastectomy (top surgery) and phalloplasty (bottom surgery).

The actor must be able and prepared to play Erica and then Eric. You could be transgender, cisgender gender fluid etc.  Most importantly is the actor's capacity to "find" the characters in their repertoire of skills.

The play was written by William G Hubbard and Ren Kennedy and is about 110 minutes in length. 

It is structured with 'meaty/ monologues and dialogue requiring the actor to feel comfortable with substantial memorization.

Please note that a generous compensation package has been established as the role deserves it!

How to Apply:

All applicants will be required to record themselves reading a monologue which will then be uploaded to YouTube for comparative reviewing with others submitted.

If interested please email William Hubbard ( for the side or script passage. You are also very welcome to email or call (778-227-5517) for any and all questions prior to preparing the side.


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