Our Common Future: Finding Hope in the Midst of Crisis


Alexandra Neighbourhood House


Apr. 30, 2019

Call for Artists Description:

Our Common Future is the title of the report of the World Commission on environment and Development, published in 1987. Often called the Brundtland Report, after its chair, Gro Harlem Brundtland, it brought the issue of human-induced climate change to public consciousness; and reinforced the novel idea that development and sustainability are a single issue.

Thirty years on, humanity is collectively struggling to address multiple ecological catastrophes, of which climate change is arguably the most pivotal. Our Common Future explores, through art and creativity, responses to these various threats to life on Earth, seeking to inspire those who experience it to hope; and with hope, to local advocacy and activism to build a more aware and sustainable community – both individually, and collectively.

How to Apply:

We are seeking submissions in three categories:
• Visual Arts (including painting, drawing, sculpture, and allied arts)
• Literary Arts (spoken prose and poetry)
• Performing Arts (dance, music, singing, performance art)

We are seeking submissions from two age groups: youth (18 and under), and adult (19 and over). Applicants must apply as individuals; but ensembles will be considered for the Performing Arts category. Applicants must be resident in South Surrey (south of Hwy 10); White Rock; or Cloverdale. In total, twelve adult and eight youth applications will be approved.

Number of works chosen:
• Visual Arts: Up to three pieces each from six adults and four youth.
• Literary Arts: Four adults and two youth reading from one or more works of no more than ten minutes length.
• Performing Arts: Two adults or adult ensembles and two youth ensembles presenting performance of no more than fifteen minutes length.

Submission Requirements
• All applicants: An artist CV and an artist's statement related to the theme (see above). The artist statements will be collated into an exhibition booklet for distribution at the event.
• Visual Arts: A description of the media with which the artist works, and five representative samples, submitted as electronic files.
• Literary Arts: Five representative samples of the author or poet’s work, submitted as electronic documents.
• Performing arts: Five representative samples of the artist’s work, submitted as electronic files.
• Successful applicants will be required to submit a headshot for inclusion in the event booklet.

How to Submit
Applicants should submit their CV, artist’s statement, and samples to afac@alexhouse.net. Please include your full name, email and phone contact information, website (if you have one), and whether you are submitting as an adult or youth. While individuals may apply for more than one of the three categories; successful applicants will only be chosen for one of them.



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