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Arts in Action Society


As soon as possible

Call for Artists Description: 

We are at the beginning stages of organizing a major event called "Fear of Others/Art Against Racism. We are currently a small group of artists. We need more input and more available energy to get it rolling.

Below is a brief description:
In 1989, the Arts in Action Society organized a large art exhibition called “Fear of Others/Art Against Racism”. It involved 250 artists from 28 countries, 47 writers, muralists, musicians, children, and powerfully illustrated and exposed the many aspects of an on-going issue.

It is now 30 years later, and it is time for a new edition of such an art event, in order to examine where things are at: Has anything changed or evolved in any direction? Are we on the road towards an acceptance and appreciation of each other’s distinct racial and cultural qualities? Or is there a rise in xenophobia, racism and ethno-nationalism? 

Should you be interested in this project, please e.mail me, giving me your contact info, and let’s talk
And please, pass this on to whomever you think might be interested….

How to Apply: 

Please contact Claudine at steinpom@shaw.ca

Contact Name: Claudine Pommier
Contact Email: steinpom@shaw.ca

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