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Greetings from the Great Northern Way Scene Shop at the Arts Factory. 
We wanted to share some information on our really great driver/delivery services. We have put together a list of our rates and vehicle options for those who don't know about our driver services and for those who have been using it to their advantage for years. We have experience moving dance floor, stage sets, small props, large props, art, lighting, tools, paint or anything else that needs transporting. We've got you covered! 

Drivers are available 24/7 with sufficient notice.

The Great Northern Way Scene Shop has:

1- ton cube van: box dimensions are 14'L x 6'1”T x 7'4” W.
Ford 250 pick-up truck.

Our minimum charge of $102.60 includes: **
Driver for 2 hours and 20kms-after 2 hours you will be charged $41.30 per hour and after 20kms you will be charged $0.59 per km.
Driver rates DO NOT include extended labour past driving ( ie: installation or technical assistance). Extended labour can be provided with sufficient notice for an additional charge.

There is no PST charged on deliveries but GST will be added to your bill.

If you have any questions or to place a delivery/pickup order please send an email to or call 604.874.0740.
Thank you in advance for your business!

**distance calculated based on trips beginning and ending at Great Northern Way Scene Shop, 281
Industrial Ave, Vancouver BC

Contact Name: Kiki Lightburn
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (604) 874-0470

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