North Vancouver Multi-Disciplinary space available for classes or creative work/play


Marc's Madness Dance Studio/School


The space itself is 28' by 23' and has a sprung floor with black marley on the surface. There are portable mirrors and 30 par16 lighting instruments to use. There are 15 stacking chairs and a full sound system. Two walls are white and the other two are the windows to the street and a dark blue wall. 
So far in the dance realm we have had choreographers use the space, dancers rehearsals, classes and video work.
In the music realm we have had jam sessions, vocal classes and workshops.We also had a Cuban drumming workshop.
In the acting realm we have had ongoing improvisation classes and acting for musical theatre. 
In the visual art realm we have had a pop-up gallery of photographs in a group show for one month.
The rates are variable and run from $17 an hour for creative work and negotiated rates for classes. 
Additionally there is free parking in the back for 14 cars and the studio is on the 239 bus route.

Contact Name: Marc Berezowski
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (604) 988-2784


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