Free Touring Stage (collapsible)

We, Theatre for Living (Headlines Theatre), are giving away our touring stage: a 16' x 28' x 3' high collapsible stage, built by the amazing Harry Vanderschee of Caravan Farm Theatre fame.

The stage is well into its third decade of life and is looking for its new forever home. This all wood stage comes apart into 14 - 4' x 8' sections and 14 collapsible bottoms that measure 4'x 8' x 6". The plywood tops are screwed down to the bottoms and the bottoms are clamped together making for a very sound playing surface. Comes with 6 sets of stairs, screws, clamps and skirting. Impress your friends and/or coworkers with your very own stage! 

Can EITHER be delivered to a Vancouver location on Tuesday, February 27 or will need to be picked up after that date. 

Call Daphne at 604-871-0508 or email

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