Looking for a very large exhibition space


Arts in Action Society


We are at the beginning stages of organizing a major event called "Fear of Others/Art Against Racism. We need to secure a space, hopefully for the month of November 2019, that can accommodate a large number of works, 2D and 3D

Below is a brief description of this upcoming event:
In 1989, the Arts in Action Society organized a large art exhibition called “Fear of Others/Art Against Racism”. It involved 250 artists from 28 countries, 47 writers, muralists, musicians, children, and powerfully illustrated and exposed the many aspects of an on-going issue.
It is now 30 years later, and it is time for a new edition of such an art event, in order to examine where things are at: Has anything changed or evolved in any direction? Are we on the road towards an acceptance and appreciation of each other’s distinct racial and cultural qualities? Or is there a rise in xenophobia, racism and ethno-nationalism? 

Should you know of possible space availability, please e.mail me.
And please, pass this on to whomever you think might have leads….

Contact Name: Claudine Pommier
Contact Email: steinpom@shaw.ca

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