BC Alliance members access a range of comprehensive insurance offerings designed to suit the unique needs of arts, culture, and heritage organizations.

Together with Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc., we are pleased to make available to our members complete and specialized insurance programs and solutions. Better premiums and broader coverage for your organization or society help you feel better knowing that your unique risks are insured.

The brokers at Front Row are committed to helping our members make well-informed decisions. They will show you how you can easily protect your directors, officers, employees and volunteers, and your organization’s assets and potential liabilities. Using leading Canadian insurance companies, Front Row will make sure that you have an insurance program that fits your needs.

While based in Vancouver, Front Row has made it possible to get a quote online for many of its programs which helps to reduce costs that are passed on to clients. BC Alliance members receive an additional $50 discount on these programs; contact BC Alliance member relations manager Bev Edgecombe (604 681 3535 ext. 207; bev@allianceforarts.com) for more information.

Workplace (Office Insurance)

If you have an office location that requires insurance, Workplace is the program for you. Coverage can be set up in as little as five minutes and in addition to providing coverage for your office location and office contents, it can also be extended to include coverage for:

  • Business Interruption
  • Ordinary Payroll Coverage
  • Miscellaneous Property Floater (for property taken outside of your premises)
  • Crime Coverage
  • Physical Damage for Hired Vehicles
  • Employee Benefits Liability

A quote can be obtained  here.

SOLO (Short Term Theatre Insurance)

Do you have a one-off live performance for which you need insurance? Whether it's a dance performance, theatrical production or a stand-up comedy show, SOLO has you covered not only for Commercial General Liability, but also for theatrical equipment through the Optional Theatrical Property coverage.

A quote can be obtained  here.

Short Term Event & Venue Insurance

Our special events program can provide coverage for Commercial General Liability when you rent a venue for events such as birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs and weddings. Optional coverages include coverage for equipment rentals and event cancellation.

A quote can be obtained  here.

Directors and Officers Policy

Because your directors, officers, employees and volunteers are a key part of your success, Front Row Insurance Brokers has developed an exclusive program for members of the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture to provide coverage for Directors and Officers (D&O) for non-profit or for profit art boards, as well as coverage for Employment Practices Liability (coverage arising out of the employment of staff), Pollution Defence Costs (coverage for defence against allegations of pollution), as well as Corporate Brand Protection and Crisis Management Expenses.

An added benefit to the policy is a Legal Assistance Hotline that your organization can use to discuss a matter that could potentially result in a claim (e.g., the need to terminate an employee, merging with another organization, allegations of harassment). This service is provided through your policy and does not incur an additional premium. Directors and Officers Insurance will provide money to pay for a lawyer to defend directors and will pay judgment costs if the directors are found responsible or negligent in court.

A quote for coverage starts as low as $525 per year for $1,000,000 of protection. To obtain an indication of cost in ten minutes, or if you would like more information on coverage, please contact Andrew Tonge (604.684.3439; andrew@frontrowinsurance.com).

Youth Programs and Outreach

When your employees and volunteers work with young people, you take on additional risks. Abuse liability is specialized insurance protection that will enable you to pay for a proper legal defence and financial damages if awarded. 

A quote for coverage ??


Your society or organization may run into claims where you have inadvertently infringed upon someone’s copyright or other intellectual property rights, if you disseminate the work of other artists. There are different types of insurance available that will pay your legal defense costs, as well as the costs to settle your claim. 

A quote can be obtained here/online ??


You don’t need to be a licensed professional to face a professional liability lawsuit. If your society or organization provides services to others, then you can be held financially responsible if there is an allegation that you have not adequately provided the services for which you have been engaged, or if you make an error or omission in the services being provided. Professional Liability insurance will pay your legal defense costs as well as the costs to settle your claim.

A quote can be obtained here/online ??

Additional coverage

In addition to these programs, we can offer you discounted coverage through the following online programs, including the following:

We can also offer you the following coverage options for your organization, including but not limited to:

  • Film Production Packages (one-off project or annual DICE Policies)
  • Annual Theatrical Liability
  • Errors & Omissions Coverage
  • Event Cancellation

If you have any risks or concerns about coverage for your organization, please contact Andrew Tonge at 604.684.3439 or at andrew@frontrowinsurance.com. We would be happy to review your existing coverage and advise where coverage improvements may be made and where savings can be obtained.

Group Insurance Program Inquiries

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