BC Alliance members access a range of comprehensive insurance offerings designed to suit the unique needs of arts, culture, and heritage organizations.

Together with Front Row Insurance Brokers Inc., we are pleased to make available to our members complete and specialized insurance programs and solutions. Better premiums and broader coverage for your organization or society help you feel better knowing that your unique risks are insured.

The brokers at Front Row are committed to helping our members make well-informed decisions. They will show you how you can easily protect your directors, officers, employees and volunteers, and your organization’s assets and potential liabilities. Using leading Canadian insurance companies, Front Row will make sure that you have an insurance program that fits your needs.

Management & Board Liability

Your directors, officers, employees and volunteers are a key part of your success. Management & Board Liability Insurance is designed to personally protect them and your society or organization. Coverage is provided for claims which relate to your day-to-day and board management, as well as employment-related claims for allegations such as discrimination, wrongful termination or workplace harassment.

Liability Insurance

When someone is hurt or damage is done to your property, costs add up quickly. Liability insurance helps you manage the costs associated with a legal claim made against your society or organization. The scope of this insurance is broad and will protect you for liabilities from your operations, fundraising events where alcohol is served, outreach programs, premises leases, or other contracts into which you have entered.

Youth Programs and Outreach

When your employees and volunteers work with young people, you take on additional risks. Abuse liability is specialized insurance protection that will enable you to pay for a proper legal defence and financial damages if awarded. 

Property, Business Continuity and Crime

Front Row will design a custom program for the unique needs of your society or organization. Protect your assets, offset added operational costs when your assets are damaged or stolen, and recoup your financial loss if you are victimized by criminal acts such as an employee fraud, computer fraud or theft.

Privacy & Personal Information or Data

Managing the personal and private information of your donors, supporters, employees and ticket holders is a big responsibility. The requirements for managing data breaches are legislated under Privacy Acts in Canada. Front Row can build specialized solutions into your Management & Board Liability which will pay back the money you spend to notify the individuals affected by a breach. If your risk is higher, then other insurance options are available which will pay for costs and settlements of legal claims made against you.


Your society or organization may run into claims where you have inadvertently infringed upon someone’s copyright or other intellectual property rights, if you disseminate the work of other artists. There are different types of insurance available that will pay your legal defense costs, as well as the costs to settle your claim. 


You don’t need to be a licensed professional to face a professional liability lawsuit. If your society or organization provides services to others, then you can be held financially responsible if there is an allegation that you have not adequately provided the services for which you have been engaged, or if you make an error or omission in the services being provided.  Professional Liability insurance will pay your legal defense costs as well as the costs to settle your claim. 


Applications have been designed for BC Alliance members and are available upon request. Contact BC Alliance member relations manager Beverly Edgecombe to request an application at bev@allianceforarts.com

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