British Columbia Girls Choir Society


Jan. 15, 2018

Organization Description: 

The British Columbia Girls Choir (BCGC) is the premier girls’ choir in British Columbia, offering exceptional choral training to girls ages six to 18 drawing singers from throughout Metro Vancouver communities. The benefits to the singers extend beyond the music; BCGC programs build confidence and foster social and personal responsibility, while offering a welcoming community for singers and their families.


Job Description: 

The job of Bookkeeper for the British Columbia Girls Choir involves the management of the accounts for the choir, the various programs and events and records for approximately 150 participants annually.


  • Process and maintain financial records, complete tasks, and prepare financial statements in conjunction with Not for Profit accounting standards.
  • Observe all deadlines for financial reporting, accounts payable, dues, fees, and government returns.
  • Maintain records, ensure timely submission of reports, and on-time payments (ex: WCB Premium, SOCAN license fees; insurance; arts council memberships, submit annual reports, donation receipts, Gaming Account Summary, Licensed Gaming Event Summaries, Charitable Tax Return, etc.)
  • Provide ad hoc reports as requested by the Executive Director (ED) or Treasurer
  • Evaluate financial processes and make recommendations for improvements
  • Set up and maintain CAFT system for monthly program fee collection; Work with Administration and/or ED to ensure accuracy
  • Maintain regular communication with ED and/or Treasurer
  • Monitor email daily to ensure timely responses to inquiries
  • Conduct phone conversations as necessary
  • Meet with Treasurer, finance committee, ED if required
  • Communicate proactively with ED and/or Treasurer regarding concerns related to meeting deadlines and information requirements
  • Track hours spent maintaining BCGC financial books and submit to Treasurer monthly


1. Understanding of financial accounting for Not for Profit organizations
2. Personal commitment to devote the time necessary to perform the responsibilities of Bookkeeper
3. Maintain knowledge of the organization and personally commit to its goals and objectives
4. CPA designation preferred

How to Apply: 

Send applications to:


$700.00 per month plus 2 honorariums for: CAFT system set up: $600.00; tour fundraising: $500.00

Contact Name: Lynn Van Zanten
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (604) 542-1698

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