Conservation Consultant (Contract)


City of Richmond


Jun. 1, 2018

Organization Description: 

The City of Richmond wishes to engage a qualified conservation consultant to assess the impact of the lighting systems and impact of light on the artefact in the 2nd and 3rd floor exhibitions at the Richmond Olympic Oval and make recommendations.

Richmond Olympic Oval features exhibitions on the second and third floor of this multi-sports facility which focus on The Canadian Olympic Committee, Paralympics, The History of Sport in Richmond, the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and Olympic history. Each display features an array of artefacts made of different materials including but not limited to modern fabrics, paper, plastic, metal, wood and glass. The exhibitions are surrounded by courts, an ice rink, programming and events space which all utilize high artificial light at high levels for safety and for play. In addition this iconic building’s architecture features floor to ceiling windows. 

The artefacts have been on display for three years and are made up of items on loan from museums, cultural institutions, athletes and community members. All loan agreements outline the Canadian Conservation Institutes best practices for collections care and require that the City meet these standards.


Job Description: 

Scope of Work:

An assessment of the current light levels (both natural and artificial light) and the light impact on the artefacts.

Best practices for artefact care with and lighting requirements.

Record any light damage to the artefacts on display.

Recommended changes to the current lighting to ensure long term preservation of the artefacts. 

A recommendation on how long the artefacts should remain on display given the current condition and how long they can stay on display without any changes to the current lighting and with changes.


Required Deliverables: A final report outlining the assessment, conclusions, and recommendations.


Please request application package from

How to Apply: 

Please request full application package from Rebecca Forrest at 

Submission Details
1 Your response should include:

  • a list of examples of your past projects of similar nature, and for each such project, references including contact person information;
  • a detailed schedule that outlines the major tasks and milestones to complete the Project and that is based on the schedule or timeline set out above;
  • a list of subcontractors, consultants, sub consultants and key individuals, if any, that you may use to complete the Project, and for each, a brief description of their qualifications, past experience and anticipated role on your team; and
  • your proposed fees to complete the Project using Appendix A or a similar form in accordance with the terms of the City’s form of contract. 

Please submit your response by email to the undersigned as soon as possible, but preferably no later than 5:00pm on June 1, 2018.

The City may, in its sole and absolute discretion, enter into direct negotiations with any entity that responds to a request from the City to provide a response in respect of the Project, which entity (and its response) the City considers to be in the City’s best interests. 

Should the City choose to select a Consultant to do the work described in this request for pricing, then the form of contract will be the City’s General Terms and Conditions for Consulting Services listed on

The City does not wish to negotiate the form of contract, and does not anticipate using any other form of contract.

If you have any questions, please contact the undersigned. Questions should be submitted in writing as soon as possible to allow adequate time for the City’s consideration. The City may, in its sole discretion, choose not to provide a response to any question.

Rebecca Forrest, Curator of Collections/Project Leader
City of Richmond – Arts, Culture and Heritage Services
7700 Minoru Gate
Richmond, BC V6Y 1R9
Telephone: 604 247-8331


Request for Pricing. Submit your proposed fees with your application. 

Contact Name: Rebecca Forrest
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (604) 247-8331

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