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Behind every piece of art, there's a space that made its creation possible. Every artist needs space to create, and finding affordable options is a big challenge. Developed by the arts service sector, the SpaceFinder BC creative space directory is a free tool that helps artists connect to available short and long-term rentals, when and where they need it most. 

Whatever you're after, you can find it here. Whatever you've got, you can list it here. 

Because creative space matters!



If you're using the directory, simply search by use, location and rate, or browse the listings directly. 

For venues, create a free account, list each space available, and voila! No fees, no commitments. It's that simple.

SpaceFinder BC is the provincial branch of a vast SpaceFinder network that spans Canada and the United States. The platform was developed by the NYC-based arts service organization, Fractured Atlas. The BC Alliance for Arts + Culture administers the BC branch of the tool in cooperation with the support of several not-for-profit organizations as well as the provincial and federal government.

How do I list a space?

Go to this link to get started. Approval is immediate and your space will appear the instant you complete your first listing and take it online.

How do I find a space?

Easy! Head to and run a quick search by use, location and rate. Or, browse the complete directory at www.spacefinderbc/spaces for a more refined search using over 50 discipline-specific criteria.

Does it cost anything to list or search on spacefinder bc?

Nope! It is 100% free. 

can i reset my password?

No problem! Click here: reset password

I want to bring SpaceFinder BC to my community.  How do I do that?

Great idea! We're looking to partner with interested organizations across BC. Contact us at or call us at 604-681-3535.

Additional Resources:

Toolkit for Venues

If you can rent it, you can list it–and this toolkit will show you how! Even if you don't rent by the hour.  Examples of spaces include, but are not limited to:

recording studios, fitness centres, yoga studios, fine art studios

film shoot locations, outdoor spaces, small galleries, big galleries

cultural centres, faith centres, community halls, schools and libraries

Toolkit for Renters

If you’re looking for a place to create, rehearse, perform or plan, SpaceFinder BC can get it sorted in seconds. 

 Types of search criteria include, but are not limited to:

 Find the space you need based on:

  • Rate
  • Availability
  • Equipment & lighting
  • Building characteristics
  • Square footage
  • Floor type

Toolkit for Communities

BC is home to the highest concentration of artists among all the provinces – that’s one in every 93 workers! And they all need creative space. 

Interested communities can transform under-utilized space by listing it as creative rental space on SpaceFinder BC. Toolkit contents include:

  • How to build a rental network
  • Brand guidelines
  • Media & marketing resources
  • Key messages & talking points
  • Useful links
  • FAQ

Knowledge Base

Fractured Atlas provides a variety of resources, tips and guides made to help SpaceFinder participants get the most of the service. Visit the knowledge base to get an edge on your listing or find an answer to commonly asked questions.

Promotional Tools

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This video link if for a 10-second promotional video you can embed and share easily online and via social media.

Click the link above to download a PowerPoint presentation about SpaceFinder BC.

Questions? Email us at

Print Materials

SpaceFinder BC 11x17" poster. Click the image above to download the pdf version for print.

SpaceFinder BC 4x6" postcard (double-sided). Click the image above to download the pdf version for print.

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Questions About SpaceFinder BC? 

Contact us! We’re here to help.

Joyce Wan
Administrative Coordinator
T: 604 681 3535 (201)

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