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Port Moody Arts Centre


May 7, 2018

Organization Description: 

The Board of the Port Moody Arts Centre Society comprises nine committed volunteers who volunteer their time and energy to support the visual, performing and literary arts in Port Moody. We're especially looking for individuals with experience in finance, law, communications/marketing, human resources, fund raising and previous board experience.

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Volunteer Opportunity Description: 

To provide leadership, governance, and oversight to the Port Moody Arts Centre Society (PMACS) to ensure that the community interests are met and the Society mandate fulfilled. Board members are progressive thinkers, with or without an arts background, who can move the organization forward to reach its full potential.

Time Commitment: 
1. Each Director is elected to fill the position at the Annual General Meeting of the Society (Monday May 28th 2018) for a two year term. Directors may stand for re-election to the Board at subsequent Annual Meetings to a maximum of six consecutive years. (3 terms) 
2. Each Director is expected to attend the monthly meetings of the Board of Directors, held 10 months of the year. Meetings are generally from 6:30 – 9 pm and are held in person at the Arts Centre. Meetings are not typically held in August and December. 
3. Each Director is expected to act as an ambassador in the community and to attend or volunteer at as many Art Centre events as time and interest permit. Events include Open Houses, Community Events, Girl’s Night Out, and nine Gallery openings per year. Other duties may include: presenting opening remarks at events, searching out suggested sponsors through personal connections, working with current sponsors, chairing occasional committees, participating in strategic planning sessions, and approving financial and legal documents.


1. Attendance at monthly meetings. Any Director shall cease to be a director where he/she is absent from three consecutive meetings or does not attend 60% of the meetings in a given year. 
2. Volunteer at various Art Centre events throughout the year, including Gallery Openings, community events or fundraising events.
3. Actively participate in an annual strategic/operational planning process to set goals for achieving the organization's vision, mission, and purpose.
4. Responsible for good governance and management of the Society, as dictated by the BC Society Act. Art Centre Board members are stewards of public funds and services, and must act with the highest degree of integrity and ethical behaviours.
5. Enhance the organization's public standing by actively promoting the organization's mission, accomplishments, and goals to the public.
6. Ensure that the appropriate organizational structures are in place to support mission and strategic plan. This includes bylaws, policies, and committees.
7. Provide proper financial oversight by reviewing and approving the budget, ensuring that proper financial controls and policies are in place, and regularly reviewing spending and organizational accounts.
8. Ensure that adequate financial resources are available by assisting in the development of an annual fundraising plan, approving the plan, and supporting fundraising efforts through individual volunteer action.
9. Support and evaluate the General Manager
10. Recruit and train board members, assess board performance, and contribute to a positive and respectful board environment.
11. Serve as chair or member on a Committee as requested.
12. Maintain a membership to the Arts Centre during board term.
13. Willingness to devote time to board duties, roles, and responsibilities as outlined above.
14. Willingness to sign board confidentiality and other board protocol documents.
15. Willingness to achieve consensus through respectful discussion.
16. Willingness to speak with one voice on board decisions.


We're especially looking for individuals with experience in finance, law, communications/marketing, human resources, fund raising and previous board experience.

Applicants will stand for election by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting of the Port Moody Arts Centre Society on Monday May 28th 2018. Each applicant will have the opportunity to speak briefly about your commitment to the arts and volunteering, and the qualities which would make you an excellent board director. Your bio will be circulated to members at the AGM before the election.

How to Apply: 

Please fill out the application form below and send with a brief biography by May 7th 2018. One of the current board directors will contact you to talk about the work of the board and answer any questions you may have.

Contact Name: Jo-Anne Parneta
Contact Email Address:

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