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North Vancouver Museum and Archives


Sep. 15, 2019

Organization Description: 

The North Vancouver Museum & Archives is a community-focused organization, and is operated under the auspices of the City and District of North Vancouver, as a bi-municipal agency. It exists to engage, strengthen and inspire our community and its visitors. Its vision is to be recognized and respected as a dynamic and relevant organization that provides access to and gives authentic voice to the stories of North Vancouver’s people and places by creating a deeply engaging cultural heritage organization that connects in transformative ways with core audiences.

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Volunteer Opportunity Description: 

North Vancouver Museum and Archives (“NVMA”), an award-winning community cultural heritage organization, is seeking volunteers to join an 11-member municipal Commission which governs all museum and archives activities in North Vancouver. 2019 is an exciting time to join NVMA as we are building a new museum facility, opening in 2020, in the heart of the North Shore, the Shipyards District of Lower Lonsdale. The timing offers a great opportunity for prospective Commissioners to help support and guide a significant cultural organization at a pivotal time in its transition and growth. We are seeking experienced, strategic leaders who excel in board governance and understand the role of the board to provide oversight and contribute insight. We welcome expertise in a variety of disciplines and an interest in participating on one of three committees: Capital Campaign Cabinet, Communications & Marketing and Governance Committees.


Commissioners are appointed for a term of up to 3 years, and can be reappointed once, to serve no more than 6 consecutive years. During this time, they commit to spending an average of 6 -8 hours per month on board-related activities, or more if in a leadership role or serving on Committees. This includes: preparing for and attending monthly meetings, special events, and lending expertise in specific areas.


Interested candidates should bring: 
• An understanding of governance (preferably in a public sector milieu) and experience serving on a governing board. 
• Senior level leadership experience in the corporate, public and/or non-profit sectors; ideally in the areas of law, policy, finance, Indigenous and governmental relations, communications and marketing, human resources, cultural institutions, or entrepreneurship.
• Understanding of the importance of the board’s role in supporting fundraising and revenue development efforts; ideally, the ability to contribute both personally, and through outreach to personal and business networks. 
• The ability to commit to board meetings, committee meetings and board events, some of which may occur during business hours. The average monthly commitment to board related activities is approximately 6-8 hours (or more, if you wish to take on a leadership role or serve on a Committee). 
• The desire to work within a group of dedicated community leaders in an open, honest and constructive manner for the benefit of our users and in support of our staff. 
*Must be resident in the City or the District of North Vancouver.

How to Apply: 

Send your resume or CV to the Commission Secretary at to obtain more information on the application process.

Contact Name: Laurel Lawry
Contact Email Address:
Contact Phone: (604) 990-3700

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