What's On: January 23-29

Image: Presentation House Theatre.

Image: Presentation House Theatre.

Every week, the BC Alliance gives you a glimpse at five must-see member events. Here’s a look at what’s coming up in the near future:

What If Romeo & Juliet…
Montreal circus/theatre company DynamO Théâtre brings its take on the Shakespeare staple to Presentation House Theatre in North Vancouver. The company looks to the poetry of movement, as well as the power of dialogue, soundscape, lighting, and still-resonant themes, to reimagine one of the Bard’s most famous works.
(North Vancouver: Jan. 25-27)

Collider Cafe: Art. Science. Optics.
Who says art and science need to keep to separate playgrounds? Curiosity Collider’s #ColliderCafe creates a space where both sides of the brain can come together and commingle. This edition’s motley crew includes artists Annie Briard, Catherine Stewart and Ramey Newell, and science illustrators Vicky Earle and Julius T. Csotonyi holding forth on such high-minded subject matter as “Manifest Obscura: Reimagining/reimaging landscape through microbial collaboration” and “The Museum as Muse: natural history collections as a resource for artistic exploration.” Come nerd out with likeminded keeners!
(Vancouver: Jan. 23)

Murder on Reserve
If you love an old-fashioned, Agatha Christie-style whodunnit as much as your What’s On editor, then beat feet down to the Metro Theatre and get your Poirot on with Murder on Reserve. Faulkner Seaton has breathed his last lungful of dusty library air, and you’ll be shocked to hear: the late Faulkner wasn’t a very nice guy, so everyone’s a suspect. Guess along from the audience, and see if you can beat the po-po to unmask the killer.
(Vancouver: Jan. 19-Feb. 9)

Meet My Sister
Speaking of murder: we all want to murder our siblings. We also, from time to time, love them. The locus of this impossible tension is examined in Western Canada Theatre’s production of Bonnie Green’s Meet My Sister. Two sisters clash as they reunite to bring their mother to a retirement community, only for the stakes to climb when an old flame from high school enters the picture. Can the sisters get past loggerheads and find peace? Come to Sagebrush Theatre and enjoy a great night out with your sibling, provided you’re still on speaking terms.
(Kamloops: Jan. 24-Feb. 4)

Vancouver Symphony Day of Music
Lastly: six stages, twelve hours of music, 1000+ musicians. Those are the numbers fit to celebrate a century of Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. You only turn 100 once, so the VSO is doing it up in the style, and the best part? It’s all free. Among the BC Alliance members on showcase are the Vancouver Opera, Elektra Women's Choir, Kids Zone at the VSO School of Music, the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Vancouver Youth Choir and more. Doors open at 9:30 a.m., and the day concludes in a side-by-side performance by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra on the Orpheum Stage at 8:00 p.m. More information and full schedule here.
(Vancouver: Jan. 26)

For more member events, check out our Member News page. To see your event on the BC Alliance website, email your press release to Taylor Basso at taylor@allianceforarts.com.

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