Need to get the word out about your upcoming event? Want to celebrate some recent good news, like a grant or an award? BC ArtsPost can help.

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BC ArtsPost is the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture's publicity service. We build and circulate your press release to provincial media contacts, as well as print and digital media outlets in your region of British Columbia. We'll also advertise your event via our social media channels, including Twitter (11,000 followers) and Facebook (5,760 followers).

Our list of approximately 1,400 print and digital media contacts across the province includes:

  • Arts and entertainment reporters, editors, critics and columnists;

  • Print and broadcast assignment desks;

  • Photo and video assignment editors;

  • Broadcast producers, researchers, reporters and on-air hosts;

  • Hard news, business, and lifestyle editors, reporters and assignment desks;

  • Opinion piece columnists and commentators;

  • Arts, culture, lifestyle and political blogs, webzines, and other websites and contributors.

BC ArtsPost is a great solution for artists and arts, culture and heritage organizations who want to quickly spread the word about their events and accomplishments to a broad network of media contacts and potential audience members. To see a sample of a BC ArtsPost press release as it appears in the inboxes of our media contacts, click here.


How to submit

  1. Choose whether you'd like to circulate a press release or an announcement. A press release lets people know about an upcoming event or initiative with a set date or dates attached (e.g., the opening of a new show or the launch of a festival), while an announcement might be news about you or your organization (e.g., celebrating an award or grant). For press releases, we recommend that you submit your BC ArtsPost three to four weeks in advance of your event. We aim to circulate each release, along with the accompanying social media advertisements, within three business days of receipt. If you would like your BC ArtsPost held for a certain time, you can indicate as such in the "additional information" field of the submission form.

  2. Fill out the appropriate form with information about your event or announcement. We'll also ask you for suggested Facebook and Twitter posts. The submitted materials may be subject to editing at the discretion of the BC Alliance. If you have any comments or information that are not captured by the form, you should include it in the "additional information" field.

  3. After you've submitted the form, you'll be asked to pay online via credit card. BC ArtsPost submissions are $38.00 + GST for BC Alliance members, and $70.00 + GST for non-members.

  4. We'll compile your release and circulate it to our provincial media contacts, as well as print and digital media outlets in your region of British Columbia. We'll also include one post on both our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

  5. That's it! Click a product below to start submitting your BC ArtsPost.

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