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Technology & the Arts Network

Digital arts and emerging technologies have been receiving much media attention and government funding. Yet many traditional artists may not know where to begin with learning to implement these technologies in their practice. Some may have ideas for projects but lack the technical skills to work on the implementation. Some might be afraid that with the rise of emerging media and technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning there will be no more room for traditional artistic practice.

The BC Alliance for Arts and Culture (in partnership with Eyemole) is creating a community where developers and artists can discuss these issues together and build a shared future. Registering for our mailing list will give you access to updates on talks and workshops at the intersection of art and technology. We will also be organizing events where artists can pitch their ideas to developers and collaborate on digital media projects.


The British Columbia Cultural Roundtable Network Report

The Roundtable Network Report provides updates on our BC Cultural Roundtable Network, including opportunities to get involved in a Community Cultural Roundtable in your area, report-backs from Roundtables held across the province, progress on the evolution of the provincial cultural policy framework report we drafted in 2015, information on our upcoming 2017 BC Cultural Roundtable conference, and other related issues.

The Roundtable Network Report is issued every few months.