June 20, 2010

Submitted by Alliance

Hastings Park open house forums that will affect CircusWest

Note: The City of Vancouver is holding a series of open houses to determine the future of Hastings Park and the PNE.  This will have an impact on CircusWest Performing Arts Society, as they make their home in the Garden Auditorium.  If you've seen the magic CircusWest brings to kids and adults, please show your support by filling out the questionnaire in the link below.

From the City of Vancouver website:

Give us your feedback and fill out the questionnaire. From June to September 2010, the City of Vancouver is holding a series of open houses to receive community feedback on the final concept plans for Hastings Park and the Pacific National Exhibition. Learn more about the Open House dates and locations nearest you.

Welcome to the Hastings Park / PNE Planning home page. Here you will learn about current long range planning activities that are underway to determine the future of Hastings Park and the Pacific National Exhibition. A brief history of the park and past plans and activities are also hosted here, links are in the sidebar.

The City of Vancouver is currently undertaking a Master Plan and consultation process to guide the long range redevelopment of Hastings Park and the PNE. The plan will re-think Hastings Park and the PNE as a greener, more active, year-round destination, one that is better connected to the waterfront and surrounding community. Renewal ideas for the annual Fair and Playland are also key parts of the plan.

Hastings Park was originally given to the City by the Province in 1889, making it almost as old as Vancouver itself. At 66-hectares (162 acres), it is one of Vancouver’s largest urban parks, drawing visitors from across the region. The Pacific National Exhibition Globe manages the site on behalf of the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Park Board maintains and programs Empire Fields. The PNE hosts a 17-day annual summer fair, and operates Playland seasonally from May to October. Hastings Racecourse Globehas been the home of horse racing since 1892 and now includes a casino.

Hastings Park is also home a diverse range of amenities, open spaces and facilities:

  • Empire Fields – playfield for soccer and softball surrounded by a 600 m track
  • Forum, Rollerland and the Garden Auditorium - A collection of Art deco and Art Moderne buildings used during the 17 day fair and other activities including Circus West Globe
  • Italian gardens – delightful fountains and sculpture garden with a play area
  • Momiji gardens – Japanese garden commemorating interned Japanese Canadians
  • Pacific Coliseum Globe– venue used for city-wide sports, concerts and events, and community & commercial programs. Also the venue Globefor Short Track Speed Skating and Figure Skating during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games
  • Skate Park - three skateboard bowls and a street course
  • The Sanctuary – ponds with forested edges, walking path and viewing platforms


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