Participate in a Survey Regarding Employee Benefits in BC's Non-Profit Sector

Those who work in non-profit organizations in BC are invited to view a free webinar and to participate in a survey that will help to shape the future of pension and health & welfare benefits in the non-profit sector.

The webinar and survey are presented by StepUp BC, an organization working in partnership with provincial and federal governments to help empower BC’s 26,000 non-profit organizations to overcome challenges and build capacity, to ensure a thriving and sustainable future for our important sector.  

Your input will help StepUp BC understand what is important to employees of non-profits in BC. 

The webinar, “Pensions and Health & Welfare Benefits for Non-Profit Employees in BC”, explores the types of retirement savings and health and welfare benefits typically available to employees in the private sector. It will help you think about what benefits and retirement savings would mean to you as an individual working in BC’s non-profit sector. 

View the pre-recorded webinar at:

The webinar is approximately 24 minutes long. It is not required to view the webinar prior to answering the survey, but it is recommended.

The online survey will allow you to communicate your thoughts and your preferences in a confidential and open forum. No comments or responses will be attributed to individuals without their written permission. Responses will be summarized and form part of a report by PBI Actuarial Consultants Ltd. to StepUp BC and the Labour Market Initiative which spans all levels of government and public welfare.

If you currently do not have any pension plan or group insurance, they would still like you to participate and share your needs and preferences in terms of benefits. If you have employee benefits, they would like to hear what your your ideal benefits package would be. Your answers to the survey could help shape the future of employee benefits in BC’s non-profit sector. 

Participate in the survey by March 8:

It should take you less than 30 minutes to complete the survey.

If you know people at other BC non-profits, feel free to share this with them or have them contact 604.687.8056 or email at for more information.

Visit to sign up for StepUp BC's mailing list. 

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