A Renewed Cultural Policy for New Brunswick

As part of the Alliance's preparations for Arts Summits 2013 and 2014 we researched cultural policies and strategy documents of other provinces to inform our work towards a comprehensive and sustainable cultural policy framework for British Columbia. We were fortunate to be joined at Arts Summit 2013 by Richard Hornsby, one of the architects of New Brunswick’s first cultural policy initiative in 2002 and a participant in that province's policy renewal process. Richard shared lessons learned during the New Brunswick experience and offered insights into how we might apply these processes towards a framework for BC.

Significant changes and growth in the cultural sector following the implementation of New Brunswick's 2002 cultural policy had necessitated a review of the policy to keep it current and to ensure it reflected new markets, technologies and the global economy. A renewal of the policy was a commitment made by the New Brunswick government in 2010, and involved public consultations and input from cultural stakeholders, and was guided by a cultural policy working group.

Last week New Brunswick's provincial government unveiled its new cultural policy, Creative Futures: A renewed Cultural Policy for New Brunswick. The document highlights new investments in cultural and heritage programs supported by the province.

To read more about New Brunswick's new cultural policy, see the news release here and the document here


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