British Columbia Arts Council Introduces Streamlined Application Process

The BC Arts Council is introducing a new streamlined application process for many of the organizations that currently receive operating support.

This streamlined application process was originally introduced as a pilot initiative in the spring of 2014, but only performing arts, professional arts training, and literary organizations were eligible; the streamlined application process will now continue as a pilot initiative for operating programs serving arts service organizations, media arts organizations, professional arts festivals, public museums, and visual arts organizations.

The streamlined application will consist of the submission of key support documents, the updating of financial and statistical information through CADAC and a significantly abridged written statement. Applicants will be asked to succinctly describe the recent, current and pending challenges and opportunities facing their organization.

Organizations that entered the applicable operating program in 2013/14 or who are currently on Concerned Status are not eligible to apply by the streamlined process and must follow the standard operating application process, including submission of the full application and written statement. Under normal circumstances, funding levels will remain stable for 2014/15. Under normal circumstances, organizations not currently receiving operating support are not eligible to apply to the operating programs during this interim year.

The new process is being introduced as a pilot project to assess the need for and mechanics of implementing a streamlined approach to operating program application and administration processes across disciplines.

Accompanying the pilot project will be an opportunity to determine what further changes to Council programs, including possible program reviews, are necessary to address the changing needs of the sector. A review of Special Projects programs (Capacity & Sustainability and Innovations) is already scheduled for 2014/15. A discussion paper outlining a proposed program review framework for the BC Arts Council is currently being drafted and will be presented in summer 2014.


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