Canada Post Celebrates Work of Artist Fred Herzog

Bogner's Grocery, a 1960 photograph by Vancouver artist Fred Herzog is among works by seven master photographers in a stamp series issued by Canada Post.  

This second issue of a five-year series showcases the most celebrated work of Canadian photographers from the last 150 years. Other photographers featured in the series are Edward Burtynsky, Lynne Cohen, Fred Herzog, C.D. Hoy, Michel Lambeth, William Notman and Louis-Prudent Vallee. The stamps showcase some of the photographers' most iconic works, carefully selected with the help of archivists, museum curators, and other experts with historical and technical knowledge of photography. 

Herzog, famous for his street photography, was born in Germany in 1930 and emigrated to Canada in 1952. He came to Vancouver in 1953 and took photos pictures of street life while working as a medical photographer and art instructor at Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. His work with Kodachrome color slides was unique during a time when black and white photography was the norm. Hertzog's work has been shown in both solo and group exhibitions across North America and in Europe. 

Bogner's Grocery depicts children playing outside the now long-gone grocery store on West 5th Avenue in Vancouver in 1960. 

C.D. Hoy, the other B.C. photographer whose work is featured in the series, was born in China in 1883 and emigrated to Canada in 1902. Hoy took more than 1,500 photographs between 1909 and 1920, creating an invaluable record of the rich cultural diversity of the Cariboo region. The photograph selected for Hoy's stamp is entitled Unidentified Chinese Man. 

The series includes five domestic stamps (by Herzog, Cohen, Lambeth, Hoy, and Vallee), one U.S. stamp (Notman) and one international stamp (Burtynsky). 


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