CRTC to Provide Anti-Spam Clarification For Charities on July 4

On June 30, Imagine Canada sent the following Issue Alert to its subscribers regarding the July 1 Anti-Spam Legislation: 

"CRTC to provide anti-spam clarification for charities Friday, July 4"

"While Canada’s Anti-Spam Law takes effect tomorrow, July 1, Imagine Canada has been in contact with both Industry Canada and the CRTC to ensure that charities receive clear and consistent information with regard to how the legislation and regulations apply to our sector. In a teleconference today, the CRTC confirmed that it will issue guidance to charities in a FAQ document on Friday, July 4.  

In the interim, a number of organizations have contacted either Imagine Canada or the CRTC seeking clarifications. The CRTC has indicated that it is reasonable for charities to await the publication of its FAQ document before determining what additional compliance efforts, if any beyond the exemption granted and the efforts charities have made to date, will be required. The CRTC has also asked that charities wait until the week of July 7 before contacting the Commission with additional questions.

Charities that have suggestions for additional FAQs for the CRTC to consider are invited to share them with Imagine Canada at

We will continue to keep you updated on this issue. We would also encourage you to read our other recent communications on this issue."

The Alliance will post updates on this matter on the blog and in the Alliance news - check back for the latest. 

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