Provincial Multiculturalism Grants Deadline

The provincial government is providing $300,000 in Multiculturalism Grants to support organizations whose activities promote British Columbia’s rich multicultural heritage, and nurture empathy and inclusion. 

The funding is provided by the Ministry of International Trade and Responsible for Asia Pacific Strategy and Multiculturalism and will be administered by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch. These grants are separate from community gaming grants.

The Multiculturalism Grant Program is established to honour and celebrate British Columbia’s cultural diversity through two project streams: 

A) Cultural Expression: Projects will be supported which raise awareness of BC’s rich multicultural identity through cultural events and/or resource tools. This could include festivals, community forums or cultural celebrations and materials that support positive expressions of culture and traditions in a community. 

B) Anti-racism: Projects that challenge racism and hate, especially those that utilize a collaborative community approach. 


Non-profit societies and community-based organizations (including ad hoc committees, coalitions, umbrella organizations, associations and centres) that:

  • Recognize that cultural diversity enriches the lives of all British Columbians;
  • Encourage respect for the multicultural heritage of British Columbia; and/or
  • Promote racial harmony, cross-cultural understanding and respect.

Grant Amount

Maximum $5,000 per organization. Any project applications that seek Multiculturalism Grant funding in excess of $5,000 will not be considered for a grant.


Application information for 2015/16 Multiculturalism Grants will be available by clicking this link starting October 26, 2015. Additional information about Multiculturalism Grants is available in the Guidelines for Applying for a Multiculturalism Grant (2015/16).

Application Period

Apply between Oct 26, 2015 and Dec 13, 2015
Final notification: Feb. 28, 2016

More Information

Visit the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch website:

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