Survey on the Social Impact of Dance

Dance organizations across the country, at every level of practice and in any dance form, are invited to participate in a survey to provide insight into the way dance impacts Canadians.

The Survey on the Social Impact of Dance is part of the five-year long research project Dance Across Canada (The Canada Dance Mapping Study), supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

So far the study has resulted in the largest Dance Map in the world, followed by the Dance Wheel, a visual guide to the 100 most popular dance forms in Canada, and the Yes I Dance survey, completed by over 8,000 dance practitioners across the country.

This final component of the study features a survey to investigate the social impact of dance, inviting participation from dance schools, studios, companies, presenters and service organizations across the country.

The survey attempts to answer some of the following questions:

  • How does dance benefit a society, a community or a particular group within a community?
  • How can dance be an instrument for positive change (mental, physical, spiritual) for individuals within our society?
  • Where is our biggest impact on the well-being of Canadians?

Please take 15 minutes to respond to the survey to advance the knowledge of dance and its contribution to the lives of Canadians.

Click here to access the survey. 

Survey results will only be shared in summary and never in connection with the identity of individual organizations.

You're invited to share the survey link with your networks and encourage participation. 

Questions? Email or call 1 800 388 2873.

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