New Initiative: The Canada 150 Fund

To help mark Canada’s 150th Anniversary, the federal government has launched the Canada 150 Fund. This funding initiative aims to promote Canadian values, culture and history, generate national pride, and bring citizens together to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation in 2017. The primary focus of the Canada 150 Fund is to support initiatives that will be delivered during the 150th anniversary period in 2017, with special consideration given to initiatives that will both build momentum in the period leading up to the anniversary and have on-going impacts in 2017 and beyond.

The Canada 150 Fund is open to a wide variety of Canadian organizations, including not-for-profit organizations, business corporations (for non-commercial projects), schools and municipalities and their agencies. There is no established deadline to submit a funding application under the Canada 150 Fund.

The Canada 150 Fund will support activities that:

  • Encourage participants to give back to Canada through gifts or time and energy, in ways that leave a lasting legacy;
  • Provide Canadians with opportunities to actively participate and/or celebrate together, promoting and building a deeper understanding of Canada, its people and what it means to be Canadian; and
  • Recognize and promote exceptional Canadian people, places, achievements and events that continue to shape our country.

 Eligible projects under the community-driven activities include:

  •  Celebratory or commemorative activities and events;
  • Community-building activities and events;
  • Sport and active-living activities and events;
  • Exhibits, commemorative plaques, monuments and permanent installations;
  • Site dedication ceremonies, interpretive programming and tours;
  • Documentary films, learning materials and activities;
  • Theatrical or musical performance; and
  • Large-scale artwork contests and projects.

A limited number of high-impact, large-scale projects that are national in scope will be supported through the Canada 150 Fund as Signature Initiatives. For Signature Initiatives, an Expression of Interest must be submitted by May 29, 2015. 

For more information about the Canada 150 Fund, including information on obtaining the Applicant's Guide and application form, please consult the Government of Canada website at

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