Put Your #CulturalSpace On the Map

Help illustrate the story of Vancouver's galleries, studios and other visual exhibition spaces!

In 2014, the City of Vancouver published an online map of Cultural Spaces and ran a crowdsource campaign with the arts and cultural community, to make sure it was complete.

With this help, over 40 locations were added, bringing the total to more than 350 cultural spaces. Not only that, but when we made it publicly available as an open data resource, it was downloaded over 1200 times by talented developers, designers and GIS gurus, and people looking for space!

Time has passed and the landscape has changed. There continues to be interest in this data from citizens and the open data community. You're invited to add spaces and provide updates using the online survey we've created.

To learn more about how you can be part of illustrating Vancouver's cultural spaces story, visit the VanCulture blog. <http://ow.ly/NTz9Y>

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