Alliance's Federal Election Toolkit Available Now

The Alliance’s Federal Election Toolkit is a free, non-partisan resource for getting the vote out, engaging your candidates, and being informed about the arts and culture in Canada in preparation for October 19.

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Get out the vote. Declining voter participation in Canada is a major issue. For arts and culture to be recognized in this election and by the next federal government, we all need to do our part by educating ourselves and getting our communities out to the polls. The more we in the arts community are engaged in this election, the more that the outcome will help improve the state of arts and culture in Canada. The election toolkit will give you the resources you will need to mobilize your community and to be ready to vote on election day.

Engage your candidates. Knowing who your candidates are, what they stand for, and their intentions for the arts and culture is instrumental when deciding who to vote for. As your direct link to the federal government, the winning candidate in your riding has the ability to table issues and increase the importance of arts and culture in federal decision-making. The election toolkit will help you find out who your candidates are and provide you with questions to ask them that will help you learn about their ideas and their party’s platform.

Quick arts facts. We have pulled together various resources and research to compile a list of facts about the arts and culture in Canada. For example, did you know that the arts and culture sector generates a GDP of $53.4 billion, making the sector larger than agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting combined? Or that our sector provides 707,012 jobs – more than double the employment in Canadian banks? Head to the election toolkit to discover more sharable facts about the arts and culture sector.

Click here to explore to our election toolkit and to provide yourself with the tools you’ll need to be ready to vote on October 19.

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