Election 2015 - Charities Go on Offence!

The upcoming federal election creates an amazing opportunity to shift the conversation related to charities from a defensive stance (overhead and rankings again?) to an offensive posture - seizing the moment to link issues of importance to Canadians to the impact and work of charities.

This is the essence of Imagine Canada's election engagement, and to further that goal they will be hosting a FREE webinar on September 16, at 1pm EDT. 

Attendees will learn how to get involved in Imagine Canada’s 2015 Federal Election Strategy. They’ll demonstrate the new Election Hub, which showcases the policy issues that charities and nonprofits are advocating for, and keeps you informed of important election developments concerning the sector. Even more, find out what activities you can and can’t do during an election period to ensure you’re playing by the rules.

The webinar will be in English. Questions in French are welcome. To reserve a spot in the webinar, visit Imagine Canada's website.

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