Nominations Open For 2016 Whistler Champion of Arts & Culture Award

Are you a member of Whistler's cultural community? Nominate someone for their role in the growth of arts, culture, and heritage in Whistler. 

The 2016 Whistler Champion of the Arts & Culture Award recognizes an individual or a business for their support of local arts and heritage events and programs. Support may have been given through sponsorship, volunteerism, professional services or products, marketing or public relations donations, or business leadership that demonstrated support for the arts above and beyond the basic commercial benefits. 

Nominations are open to individual artists of all disciplines, volunteers, cultural workers, or a business leader or business/organization who has made a significant impact on the growth of arts, culture and heritage in Whistler. The award is presented by the Whistler Arts Council in partnership with the Whistler Chamber of Commerce Whistler Excellence Awards.


Nominations may be made by:

  • A member of the cultural community of Whistler (defined as individual artists of all disciplines, arts, culture, and heritage organizations, and performing, exhibition, and arts educational programs and facilities).
  • A cultural organization and/or group (you do not have to be a registered society).

Eligible recipients include:

  • A business, organization, or business leader who demonstrates exceptional leadership, creative vision, and commitment in encouraging and developing partnerships between businesses and the arts.
  • An individual who actively works or volunteers locally, and who has made significant contributions to enhance arts, culture, and heritage in Whistler or who has made significant contributions to arts education in the region.
  • An individual artist who has enriched the community through their talent and commitment to visual, literary, media and/or performing arts or heritage. The individual excels as a creator or performer, facilitates or promotes the artistic efforts of others, and broadens community engagement in the arts. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Individuals (business, volunteer, staff, artist) who demonstrate they enrich the community by serving as a mentor, leader, teacher, connector or those who engage with the cultural community. Individuals showing significant vision, creativity, initiative or breaking new ground.
  • Individuals that have made significant contributions of cash or in-kind investments.
  • Individuals who have taken on key roles and responsibilities in developing the ACH community or providing a bridge between business and the arts community, and enhanced the visibility of the arts, culture and heritage.
  • Businesses based in Whistler of any size which have supported local ACH events and programs through sponsorships, volunteerism, donated professional services or products or a link with marketing or public relations campaigns; arts related businesses that demonstrate support for the arts above and beyond the basic commercial benefits through advocacy, services and/or events, relative to the size of their business. 

Submit a Nomination

Click here for the nominations form. 


Questions or requests for a paper nomination form can be made to Brianna Beacom at 604 935 8233 or


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