Grant Support Available For Arts Oasis Residency In Italy

ArtUniverse and the International University Global Theatre Experience (IUGTE) have announced several grants for accommodation and meals for participants in Arts Oasis International Residency for Performers in Tuscany, Italy. Arts Oasis takes place May 25 to June 1, 2016.

Each grant covers up to 420 Euros for accommodation and three meals per day during the residency program.

Arts Oasis is the annual international multidisciplinary residency for performing arts practitioners from all over the world, passionate and inspired by movement, dance and physical theatre, interested in practical research of contemporary performance practice together with colleagues from different countries. 

The program is based at the territory of the XII century Monastery in Tuscany, Italy famous for being the place of seclusion for the legendary Dante Alighieri.

Find further details and application information here.

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