Call For 2016 BC Entertainment Hall of Fame Nominations

The BC Entertainment Hall of Fame (BCEHOF) is preparing to honour individuals who have made a significant contribution to the province’s entertainment industry. The 2016 call for nominations to the BCEHOF runs through March 15, 2016.

Nominations are invited from a group of individuals on behalf of a nominee in the fields of performing arts, film & television, and radio broadcasting to one of two categories, StarWalk or Pioneers. A new, more rigorous nomination process has been introduced for 2016 to streamline and align the awards process with other Hall of Fame organizations across North America. 

In addition, beginning this year only five (to a maximum of seven) inductees will be named in each of the two categories. Applications will be reviewed against key criteria by BCEHOF’s nominating committee, composed of previous BCEHOF inductees as well as people actively involved in BC’s entertainment industry. The 2016 inductees will be announced in early spring.

Founded in 1992, the BCEHOF honours past or present BC residents who have had an outstanding impact on the province’s entertainment arena, whether performing live or working tirelessly behind the scenes. More than 300 performers, producers, agents, broadcasters, managers and patrons have been recognized on Granville Street’s StarWalk in downtown Vancouver or in the historic Orpheum Theatre’s lobby. 

StarWalk inductees include individuals who, through demonstrated excellence in their craft, have enhanced the province’s cultural profile, both locally and on the world stage. Pioneers are those who historically have left an indelible mark on BC’s entertainment landscape.

Nomination Forms & More Information

BCEHOF nomination forms and more information are available on the BCEHOF website:

Nomination Deadline

The nomination deadline is March 15, 2016.

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