Your Invitation to a New Westminster Cultural Roundtable on Performing Arts

Members of the public are invited to join a community conversation on November 27 focused on issues concerning New Westminster's performing arts scene. The New Westminster Cultural Roundtable is presented by the Arts Council of New Westminster in partnership with the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture and the City of New Westminster

New Westminster Cultural Roundtable – Performing Arts
Sunday, November 27, 2016 from 7 to 9 p.m.
The Stage New West
#230 – 50 Lorne Street
New Westminster, BC V3M 6G3

The November 27 event is part of a 2016 series designed to bring together those with an interest in and a passion for the arts. The purpose of the New Westminster Cultural Roundtable Series is to support the arts community in New Westminster and integrate the arts even deeper into the city’s culture; together we can accomplish so much more.

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This free event is open to everyone who would like to work together to bring community together through the arts.

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7:00 Welcome

7:05 Table Talk: (15 minutes per question)

1. Where we are at now:

  • Thinking of New Westminster's performing arts assets, what opportunities currently exist?

2. Where we would like to go:

  • Envision the performing arts scene in New Westminster five years from now. What do you imagine could be taking place in that vision?

3. How do we get there:

  • What steps could the City take to support this vision being realized?
  • What can we do as a local performing arts sector to contribute to that vision?
  • What assets or tools are missing that would assist in realizing this vision?
  • What assets or tools, currently available, are key to realizing this vision? How can they be better utilized toward the vision?

8:20 Highlights from the evening, closing thoughts.

8:30 Networking. Cash bar available.

9:00 Home



Founded in 1967, the Arts Council of New Westminster is an umbrella organization with numerous member groups and individual members who all share an interest in various artistic endeavours, from the visual and performing arts to the literary arts and community activities. The organization's mandate is to create a vibrant presence of the arts in New Westminster, support its members, and respond to the community's desire for arts activities and events. 

About the BC Cultural Roundtable Network

The BC Cultural Roundtable Network was created in response to requests for a continuation of a province-wide Community Cultural Roundtable series launched by the Alliance for Arts + Culture in the spring of 2015. In the course of 19 such community gatherings across BC, the Alliance often heard that such networking and sharing opportunities were much needed on an ongoing basis. A lack of opportunities for artists, cultural workers, and the broader public within communities to gather to discuss issues of mutual importance was identified as a major factor in the “silo effect” that keeps us from hearing one another’s voices, sharing ideas, and working towards common goals. The Network is grassroots driven, with coordination, frequency, agenda items, and process all determined by the communities where they are held.


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