Federal Government Phases In Its Commitment To Arts & Culture Funding

The 2016 federal budget, announced on March 22, takes essential steps toward growth in arts and culture in our country. 

The full implementation of new budget spending will be spread over time, but will reach the ambitious goals outlined in the Liberal party’s election platform within the next five years, including a doubling of investment in the Canada Council for the Arts. 

Budget 2016 allocates a total of $1.9 billion towards Canada's cultural sector between 2016 and 2021, including $1.3 billion over five years to support longstanding arts and cultural organizations.

As part of the Government's commitment to social infrastructure, $168.2 million is proposed over two years for the Canada Cultural Spaces Fund. The Canada Council for the Arts and CBC/Radio-Canada will see total new investment of $550 million and $675 million, respectively, and Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly will work with CBC/Radio-Canada to develop a five-year accountability plan. $35 million has been committed over the next two years to support the promotion of Canadian artists and cultural industries abroad. Up to $105.9 million over five years, with $6.1 million per year ongoing, is budgeted to help Canada’s national museums address immediate operational and capital pressures; the allocation of this funding by institution has not yet been announced.

"After years of stagnation in some government programs, and cuts in others, there will be significant re-investment in the sector that drives creativity and cultural expression to the benefit of all Canadians," says Alliance executive director Rob Gloor. "The Alliance is encouraged by this commitment to the arts at the federal level and will continue to advocate for similar increases in future provincial budgets."

Below, Table 5.1 from the budget document reflects the incremental investments in the cultural sector through 2021:

Table 5.1 / Budget 2016: Growing the Middle Class

Table 5.1 / Budget 2016: Growing the Middle Class

To review the 2016 budget document in its entirety, visit budget.gc.ca/2016/docs/plan/toc-tdm-en.html.






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