Possible Canada Post Strike May Affect Grant Submissions

Artists and organizations submitting grants should be wary that an upcoming Canada Post service disruption may affect their ability to meet grant deadlines.

The BC Arts Council, which has an upcoming Jul. 4 deadline for some grants, has posted:

There is a potential work disruption at Canada Post. If you are submitting an application for the July 4 deadline, please use an alternate form of hard copy delivery.  

During this time, final reports can be sent to BCArtsCouncil@gov.bc.ca.

If you have any concerns, please contact your Program Officer directly. 

Canada Council for the Arts has also posted a notice on their website which reads, in part:

If you plan on submitting a grant application to any of our upcoming July deadlines, we advise you to use our GO! Grants online wherever possible or alternative courier services to submit your documents ahead of the deadline.

Please take care to visit the websites of granting bodies to whom you may be applying for funding, to ensure your application arrives on time.

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