BCTC Regional Fall Symposium in South East BC

This fall BC Touring Council (BCTC) will host a regional symposium, September 16-17, 2016, entitled The Impact of the Arts: Enhancing Creative and Economic Vitality in Rural Communities. The symposium will examine the value of the arts and artists to communities and residents through a series of discussions and presentations.
This event, taking place in Nelson, will be open to arts organization representatives in the South East region (see BCTC's map here for region classifications).

The symposium program, which will include workshops to help increase the capacity of arts centres, organizations, and festivals, will assist organizations in delivering transformative, impactful arts experiences.

Details including schedule and registration will be available on BCTC’s website.

More Information

Anyone from the South East region looking for more information should contact Joanna Maratta at BCTC at fyi@bctouring.org

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