Heritage BC Tax Credit Call to Action

Heritage BC has issued a Call to Action to the arts, culture, and heritage sector pertaining to a Private Member's Bill for the rehabilitation of historic buildings.

The Bill, introduced on December 6 by Peter van Loan, Conservative critic for Canadian Heritage and National Historic Sites, is designed to support those who invest in our cultural heritage and encourage rehabilitation of properties in the Canadian Register of Historic Places.

In a press release, van Loan said, “By maintaining historic buildings and undertaking costly heritage renovations, citizens undertake a considerable private burden from which we all benefit, through the preservation of our past. This Bill seeks, in a small way, to provide some support for them for the considerable investment they make on behalf of all of us by restoring their heritage properties.”

“The heritage community in Canada has been asking for years for a tax credit such as that in the US - to encourage owners of heritage buildings to rehabilitate rather than demolish,” said Jenifer Iredale, Heritage BC director. “Tax credits in the US have been critical to preservation, rehabilitation and adaptive re-use of historic buildings there. A tax credit in Canada would be nothing less than brilliant!”

Help to Support Passage of This Bill

In collaboration with the National Trust of Canada, Heritage BC is offering three easy steps to support the passage of this Bill. 

1. First, use the template letter here to write to your Member of Parliament. 

Tell your MP about historic places in your riding that could benefit from the Bill. If you are uncertain how to address your MP, click here for correct salutations. A complete list of MPs representing British Columbia can be found on Heritage BC’s website at http://www.heritagebc.ca/heritage-tax-credit-bill-c323

Download the template letter here (click). Consider sending your letter by post. MPs receive a high volume of email; posted letters can be more effective at garnering attention.

2. Write a letter and mail it to the Minister of Environment, who is responsible for built heritage in Canada. 

The Honourable Catherine McKenna MP
Minister of Environment and Climate Change
200 Sacré-Coeur Boulevard
Gatineau QC K1A 0H3

3. Share with Heritage BC what action you’ve taken by copying them on your emails or sending a copy of your letters to info@heritagebc.ca.

As an extra step, send a copy of your letter to:

Hon. Peter van Loan
Member of Parliament, York-Simcoe
Official Opposition Critic for Canadian Heritage and National Historic Sites
555-D Centre Block
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6

More Information 

More information can be found on the Heritage BC website here.

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