ArtsProfessional Launches Survey on Sexual Harassment in the Arts

Image: Alamy Stock Photo

Image: Alamy Stock Photo

UK-based ArtsProfessional has launched a survey gauging respondents' experience with sexual harassment in the arts. The survey emerges as artists and arts organizations pledge to stop sexual abuse in the arts.

"Recent revelations about abuses of power by high-profile individuals working in arts, culture and entertainment have triggered a watershed moment in relation to workplace sexual harassment," ArtsProfessional explains in the preface to the survey. "[This survey] from ArtsProfessional attempts to uncover the extent of sexual harassment in the arts, and to find out whether enough is being done to tackle the issue."

Concurrently, a joint statement, published by arts organization UK Theatre and signed by almost 80 companies so far, condemns sexual harassment in arts and culture. An open letter in The Guardian, published October 30, has similarly garnered support from artists around the world.

The survey is not UK-exclusive. You can take the survey online here.

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